Bolinas Museum Board of Directors 2018

Executive Committee

Chrysanthe Gussis, President (Attorney)
Sara Brody, Treasurer (Attorney)
Richard Heckler, Secretary  (Consultant, psychotherapist, photographer)

Board Members 

Theresa Donohue (Realtor)
Victoria Hall  (Physician)
Jack Ladd
Leah Vermulen Lopez
(Analyst and Photographer)
Vera Louie 
(Retired Administrator)
Edward Nicolaus (Landscape Architect)
Roger Peacock (Contractor/Designer)
Randy Rush (Retired Endodonstist)
Nancy Tully (Lawyer)
Dieter Tremp (Artist)
Kirsten Andrea Walker (Architecture and Construction Management)
Janis Yerington (Artist and Art Educator)
Renee Zellweger (Curator)

Executive Director

Jennifer A. Gately