Art Preview for 18th Annual Art Auction
Benefits the artists & the museum.

August 7 - September 18, 2010 / Curated by Lucy Van Sands Seeburg

art in gallery

 The Museum's Annual Art Auction is always a wonderful event!

Please see Special Events for information.We begin with the party!

Then join us for the lively auction of fine art by outstanding Bay Area artists.

Below please see the art being offered. You must come in to see

these wonderful paintings in their actual sizes during the Preview Exhibition.



John McCormick

photo of peninsula 

 Richard Blair


Waldemar Mitrowski


cliff painting 

Chris Adessa


painting foggy scene


Christin Coy

 Sir Poom

Inez Storer


abstract figure 

Waldemar Mitrowski



Ed Musante

historic photo 

Gertrude Southworth unique hand printed



Ada Sadler


abstract landscape


Dan McCormick

cardinal painting

Barbara Ravizza


reef painting

Krystal Allen

truck & barn 

Jon Francis

dog print

 Clare Rojas


Phil Frank

big bowl & dog 

Susan Hall

abstract buildings 

Dana Hooper


card painting 

Michael Gregory

abstract & circle 

Elia Haworth


4 images in mat 

Michael Sell


rain painting 

Kay Russell


photo with circle 

Piro Patton


dog portrait 

Sally Robertson


abalone watercolor 

Lawrence Halprin


painted globe 

Dieter Tremp


jewelry in box 

Glenda Queen


plate and ink bottle 

Richard Shaw


tree poem box 

 Marie and Carl Dern


pink patterns 

Holly Blake


whimsical sculpture 

Kathy Bustamante


bird drawing

Keith Hansen


hill reflected in creek 

Suzanne Siminger



Bob Nugent


photo of people 

Portrait of you by Ginny Felch



panorama photo 

Kathleen Goodwin



man and costume 

Richard Lang performs his extraordinary  Poetry Jukebox for YOU



abstract landscape 

Coleman Posard


 Antique Tlingit or Haida basket circa 1900


painting of theater 

Jon Francis