SEAPEOPLE: The Bolinas Surf Shop, continued

June 18 - August 14, 2016 / Curated by Walter Blair Tom and Marialidia (Mols) Marcotulli

The Bolinas Surf shop (in what is now the Bolinas Museum photography gallery), 1963, from the collection of Eric (Buzz) Besozzi 

The Bolinas Surf Shop (in what is now the Bolinas Museum Photography Gallery), 1963.

Courtesy of Terry Cammicia

The Bolinas Surf Shop exhibition continues in the Photography Gallery, which was once the shop’s original home and shaping room—the exhibition features surfboards, skateboards, historic photographs, resin art, ephemera, and interviews by the diverse and colorful individuals who worked in or frequented the shop before it moved to its current location on Wharf road in 1986.