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Coastal Marin Artists Database

David Jaap van Leeuwen / Sculpture/Installation / Bolinas
PO Box 762 • Bolinas, CA 94924
Phone: 415-868-1685

Teacher, sculptor, installation, jeweler.

I am presently the art metal shop teacher at the Bolinas-Stinson Public Elementary School where I have taught on and off since 1972. I have been a jeweler and a metal sculptor, and now I am involved in reproducing Asian art in concrete.

My greatest source of inspiration has come from my annual trips to South East Asia, specifically Myanmar (Burma). When in Myanmar I teach rubber mold making and concrete casting to poor Myanmar children who live in Buddhist monasteries.I have taught this art reproduction technique in Myanmar every year since 1999. This has lead to numerous humanitarian projects that help very poor Myanmar children. Returning to Myanmar every year to teach mold making and to help poor Myanmar children, is the most important and meaning full thing that I am doing with my life.

5 metal sculptures

5 metal sculptures, metal ,stained glass,ceramic, 1998

Monastery gateway with panels

Monastery gateway with panels, concrete, 2003