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Coastal Marin Artists Database

Johanna Baruch / Painting/Drawing / Inverness
2952 Pierce Street • San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415.602.6659


Paintings and Drawings

The mysterious worlds that live inside of us use their own language of imagery and symbol to create stories that conflate what we know with what we sense and dream. These realms are abundant and rich, full of beauty and power, terror and comfort, passion and tranquility. Their enigmatic presence drives us to construct our myths, our histories, to make sense of our present and to imagine meaning in our future.

Our inner lives can see themselves reflected in paintings – whether in abstract form or in the more familiar images of landscape, still life or figure. We become profoundly moved through narrative and metaphor. We know then that we are not alone in our mystery. We share an experience that goes beyond our individual selves and ties us with people and cultures that have gone before, who will go after, and with all life around us today.

I believe we yearn for this connection, that exploration into our shared inner worlds is as real and as essential as our exploration into the more known realities. It is this hunger to transcend that inspires me. My paintings reflect our universe and tell stories that mean different things for each person, but they tap into an archetypal pool that awakens a deep knowing of nature, each other and our selves.

Prima Materia

Prima Materia, Oil on panel, 34" x 80", 2009


Helios, Oil on panel, 30" x 65", 2009