The Floyd Russel Family History Room

A Pivotal Decade: The 1970s in Bolinas

April 8 - December 31, 2017 / Curated by Elia Haworth

Bolinas May Day Celebrants 1970s. Photo by Barbara Kayfetz
Bolinas May Day Celebrants, 1970s. Photography by Barbara Kayfetz

Bolinas was a quiet, close-knit little town before events in 1971 triggered a flood of young people, mostly coming from cities and universities, who brought the anti- establishment hippie counter-culture with them. Marijuana and psychedelics, long hair and experimental lifestyles were offensive to the older town residents. But the new people also brought an extraordinarily irrepressible “can do” attitude for engaging with life. Soon Bolinas crackled with creative energy in the arts, agriculture, intellectual exploration, social, political and environmental activism, science, cultural events, and the building of homes and community. Over the ensuing years, people on opposite sides of polarizing issues have found common ground and a shared commitment to preserve the local environment and small town lifestyle.