The Margaret Duncan Greene Gallery: Selections from the Permanent Collection

detail of Permanent Collection gallery installation


Currently on view:


Terry Bell


J.B. Blunk


Art Carpenter


Birgit O’Connor


Parker Edwards


Ginny Felch


Percy Gray


David Maisel


Leah Schwartz


Jack Wisby


The Bolinas Museum's Permanent Collection and Permanent Collection gallery were established by Executive Director Dolores Richards (retired 2006) with the help of many Board members, patrons, the Sellon family, and selected artists who were invited to contribute their work to the collection. Several historic paintings by important local artists were purchased by the museum with the help of generous donors. The works were exhibited in a series of yearly invitational exhibitions in the main gallery that included works on paper, three dimensional work, photography and paintings


Several times a year the selection changes, mixing contemporary art with historic paintings from outstanding local artists of the 19th and early 20th century. The result is a glowing room that invites you to savor the work and return again and again.