Una Hayes-Ingram
Trees Dreaming

June 30 - August 12, 2012 / Curated by Lucy Van Sands Seeburg

light and shadow

I see the shadows as invitations, suggestions to the imagination.

I’d rather leave the pieces to do their work with other imaginations

on their own. However, for the sake of conversation here's some

more on how they work for me.

Originally I imagined them as Ancestors communicating from the

trees. This ties in with many myths concerning trees around the

world and in particular for me to Irish myth and legend. The imagination

never rests and so the images too change their communication/dialog

with me over time.

I have seen them as fairy tales - 'The King of Elfland's

Daughter' by Lord Dunsany came to mind on my return from a

trip to Ireland. In this story there are two worlds - earth people and

elfs - which meet at the boundary of a forest.  LD's imagination was

sparked by the hunting trips he took in the bogs of Ireland; bogs being

ancient felled forests where chemistry creates strange lights.

I have also seen in them Renaissance Paintings, images from

Ovid's Metamorphosis, Shakespeare's Tempest  & Midsummer's

Night , Redon and more......It's as different for everyone as is the imagination.


                                               Una Hayes Ingram



 An Irish Scot, Una has been playing with her Celtic sensibility and camera in the Bay area since 1998 .She has been showing since 2008 at SFAI Diego Rivera Gallery and at Rayko Gallery in SF where matted series of her work are available. Her tree filled misty trips ‘over the hill’ to the Bolinas Museum, have felt to her like a journey through ‘Trees Dreaming’ and often, with magic in the air, like a return to Scotland and Ireland.