Virtual Art Social with Janis Yerington
Virtual Event

Virtual Art Social with Janis Yerington

Fri. May 29, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm This event has passed


Pour yourself a glass of wine or make a cup of tea, and come discuss art and life. Share a work of art that you find comfort in. Or one that is a touchstone in your life. How would you describe your relationship with it? How does appreciation of this piece inform/affect your thoughts or actions? What was is your favorite artwork? Was there a piece that just moved you to tears, inspired something new, or encouraged you unexpectedly? Interested in hearing what comforts and inspires others? Join friends old and new that love art and be part of the discussion.

Bolinas artist, art educator, and museum Board member Janis Yerington, whose enthusiasm for art is always refreshing, will lead us in a lively virtual party. We will meet on Zoom and look forward to a convivial time of conversation and community as we learn a bit more about art and each other.

If you have something you would enjoy sharing and to help facilitate the discussion, email Christine 1.) an image of the artwork and 2.) a brief explanation of your encounter with it by noon Thursday, May 28.

All are welcome!

RSVP to Christine by noon Friday May, 29 and a Zoom link will be emailed later in the day.