A Walk to Pluto
Special Event

A Walk to Pluto

Sat. October 6, 2:00 pm This event has passed

Stinson Beach
$5 Children 17 & younger / $10 Adults

Do you ever think about visiting other planets? Have you ever wondered how far it is to the nearest star? Take a walk on the beach with Bolinas-Stinson School science teacher Don Jolley and see for yourself just how big (or small!) our world really is. Beginning with an Earth the size of a peppercorn, we will construct a scale model of our Solar System, and walk our way to the threshold of space. Along the way we’ll learn a thing or two about our planetary neighbors and the unimaginable distances that separate them. Based on the work of Guy Ottewell, this walk is guaranteed to forever change the way you see the universe and to cultivate a profound appreciation for the planet we call home.