Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Helina Metaferia: All Put Together
    HELINA METAFERIA, "Headdress 34," 2022, mixed media collage, 42 x 42 inches framed (approx), courtesy of the artist.
    Main Gallery

    Helina Metaferia: All Put Together

    June 11 - August 6, 2022

    In this multifaceted exhibition, Helina Metaferia draws from her interdisciplinary practice to emphasize narratives centered on social engagement. Her process, rooted in the archives and history of activism in the United States, is simultaneously focused on contemporary BIPOC women, all of whom are directly involved with the artist through performance-as-protest workshops. Her work brings to the forefront untold, or unheralded, stories. Featuring a diverse range of media, including collage, tapestry, and video, All Put Together reminds us that progress, or the labor in pushing for progress, is never linear. It is power, and it is vulnerability. It is failure, and it is success. Where we are today is the culmination of this work, and through Metaferia’s meticulously rendered collage portraits ... Learn More

  • Ole Schell: The Magic of Creating a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary
    Ole Schell photo by Luke Harrington, 2021.
    Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

    Ole Schell: The Magic of Creating a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

    June 11 - August 6, 2022

    Award-winning filmmaker, director, and farmer Ole Schell grew up in Bolinas where the annual arrival of thousands of Western Monarch butterflies was a dependable autumn phenomenon. Now, the alarming decline in this butterfly population has moved Schell to establish a Western Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary on his family’s land in Bolinas. With extensive research, partnership with specialists, and creative vision, Schell has planted hundreds of native plants and developed a program to support the butterflies and inform and inspire the public. This exhibition shares the magic of creating the project through Schell’s film, local art, photographs, and informative text. Born in Bolinas to activists, writer Orville Schell and photographer Ilka Hartman, Ole Schell graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the ... Learn More

  • Elizabeth Weber: An Homage to Western Monarch Butterflies
    ELIZABETH WEBER, "Coronado Monarch Preserve," Goleta, California 2021, 19 x 24 inches, courtesy of the artist.
    Photography Gallery

    Elizabeth Weber: An Homage to Western Monarch Butterflies

    June 11 - August 6, 2022

    An independent documentary photographer, Elizabeth Weber is an environmental advocate who focuses her photography on issues related to both nature’s degradation and healing. An Homage to Western Monarch Butterflies presents Weber’s photographs of Monarch butterflies created using an experimental process of printing in black and white on vellum paper and applying gold leaf. This process creates an aesthetic of fragility, referencing the fragility of both the Monarch’s habitat and existence. In removing the Monarch’s signature magnificent color, Weber asks the viewer to consider what it would mean to lose the Western Monarch butterfly entirely.  Born in Berkeley and raised in Bolinas during the 1970s and ‘80s, Weber’s parents Warren and Marion Weber started Star Route Farms. She is currently an ... Learn More