Upcoming Exhibitions

  • 40th Anniversary Exhibition:  Celebrating 40 Years of Collecting
    SALLY ROBERTSON, "Museum Entrance," 2023, Watercolor on paper, 17.25 x 11 inches, courtesy of the artist.

    This exhibition presents a cross-section of artworks from Bolinas Museum’s robust permanent collection. Through the generosity of artists and supporters, Bolinas Museum stewards a collection of artworks from the 1800s to today. In 1987, the museum’s second Director, Joyce Clements, established the Living Artists Project, known today as the museum’s Coastal Marin Artists Gallery, for artists living or working in studios between Tomales and Muir Beach. Director Linda Samuels further cultivated an appreciation of local artists. After the museum purchased its buildings, Dolores Richards dedicated one gallery to Coastal Marin Artists and one to the permanent collection, so coastal Marin artists are always represented at Bolinas Museum and are often the focus of our main and photography gallery exhibitions. Established ... Learn More

  • Herbert Pföstl: Between Field and Firmament
    HERBERT PFÖSTL, "through ritual and effort," 2021, oil on wood, 8 x 10 inches, courtesy of Dmitry Martov.
    Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

    Herbert Pföstl: Between Field and Firmament

    June 10 - August 6, 2023

    Herbert Pföstl’s recent paintings are studies of the liminal—within both place and time. These “landscapes” exist between field and firmament, at the edges of thresholds, in the visible traces of vanishing forms. Pföstl takes inspiration from the geologic, and his paintings often appear lithic, as if composed of stone. The surfaces are created through an accumulation of many coats of pigment, which the artist then carefully wears away through abrasion or erasure and builds up again in cycles.  These works function as reliquaries in which Pföstl fathoms lost or departing landscapes. In its Old English iteration, “fathom” meant to embrace or encircle with one’s arms. But these paintings depict what cannot be traditionally seen or held: silent hymns of layered ... Learn More

  • Laura Plageman: Response
    LAURA PLAGEMAN, "Response to Print of Egret Rookery," Louisiana, 2010, archival pigment print, 45 x 53 inches, courtesy of the artist.
    Photography Gallery

    Laura Plageman: Response

    June 10 - August 6, 2023

    Oakland-based artist Laura Plageman creates vivid photographs of the natural world, mediated through re-photography, image layering, and collage. Recording and challenging perception are at the core of her compositions, where time is presented as an array of discontinuous, simultaneous moments. Plageman’s work conveys an imagined experience of a landscape, reflecting on the interconnectedness of nature. This exhibition combines photographs from across Plageman’s oeuvre and includes new work in her Response series. Plageman has exhibited in galleries and institutions across the United States and internationally at venues including San Francisco’s de Young Museum, the Houston Center for Photography, and Seattle’s Photographic Center Northwest. She received her BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, and her MFA from California College of the ... Learn More

  • 31st Annual Benefit Art Auction
    Auction Branding: Nicole Lavelle
    Main Gallery

    31st Annual Benefit Art Auction

    August 19 - September 10, 2023

    Our biggest annual fundraiser is back for its 31st year, featuring a range of artwork by over 40 artists from the Bay Area and beyond. With wonderful offers and experiences, there is something for everyone! The mission of the Bolinas Museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit the art and history of coastal Marin and present exhibitions and events that provide inspiration and cultural enrichment to residents and visitors alike. Support of the auction helps us continue our mission.