Upcoming Exhibitions

  • In Parallel: Windy Chien & Serena Mitnik-Miller
    Windy Chien, Year of Knots (detail), 2018, rope and copper, dimensions variable, courtesy of the artist.
    Main Gallery

    In Parallel: Windy Chien & Serena Mitnik-Miller

    June 15 - August 11, 2019

    Lines are critical visual design elements, they divide space, provide direction, create flow, and emphasize and organize elements into form. This exhibition brings together two San Francisco creatives, each inspired by the power and simplicity of the line. Serena Mitnik–Miller’s geometric watercolors begin with cues from nature, which she then multiplies into interlocking patterns of pigment. Tied into surprising forms that activate space, long lines of rope are Windy Chien’s preferred medium. The exhibition includes a range of sculptural hangings and a knot tying station where visitors may create their own knots inspired by Chien’s The Year of Knots, a project for which she learned a new knot every day for one year.

  • Jan Langdon: Loomed
    Jan Langdon, Red Square, 2005, knotted wool on wool warp, 40 x 60 inches, courtesy of the artist.
    Coastal Marin Artist Gallery

    Jan Langdon: Loomed

    June 15 - August 11, 2019

    Like a painter, tapestry weaver Jan Langdon used wool, silk, and various fibers, layering geometric forms, creating quiet minimalism, or weaving in vibrant and complex patterns of color and texture on her large floor loom. She settled in the Bay Area in the1960s and shared her passion with students for decades. Jan co-founded The Weavers shop in Berkeley and moved to coastal Marin in 1974 where she became a founding member of Black Mountain Weavers in Point Reyes Station.

  • Meghann Riepenhoff: Nearshore
    Meghann Riepenhoff, Littoral Drift #36 (Rodeo Beach, Sausalito, CA 07.21.13, Three waves, Submerged) (detail), 2013, unique cyanotype, courtesy of the artist.
    Photography Gallery

    Meghann Riepenhoff: Nearshore

    June 15 - August 11, 2019

    Meghann Riepenhoff works with the elusive forces of nature: wind, waves, tides, rain, and light, creating unique cyanotypes that become dynamic recordings of the environments in which they were made. Nearshore brings together works generated at the water’s edge and includes such phenomena as the visual evidence of great wild fires in the Northwest and tidal charts informed by the rhythms of the ocean in Bolinas. A 2018-2019 Guggenheim Fellow, Riepenhoff is based in Bainbridge Island, WA and San Francisco. Her works are held in museums across the nation.