Who We Are


Board of Directors

Advisory Council

Robert Bransten
Businessman & Art Collector
Natasha Boas
Contemporary Art Curator, Writer, and Art Advisor
Mark Buell
Developer & Former Board Member
Marilyn Burns
Former Board Member & Mathematics Educator
Ralph Camiccia
Former Board Member & Former Bolinas Fire Chief
Roger Peacock
Former Board Member and Architect
Sally Robertson
Collection Committee Chair
Artist & Former Board Member
Liz Robinson
Collection Committee member
Former Board Member & Librarian
Linda Samuels
Former Executive Director & Arts Professional
Jeffrey Sellon
Aenor Sawyer
Former Board Member & Physician
Kirsten Walker
Former Board Member and Construction Management Expert


Bolinas Museum wishes to gratefully acknowledge and thank all new and renewing members and donors who contributed between January 2022 and August 2023. This list represents annual membership contributions and donations combined. Although we only have space to list memberships, donations, in-kind gifts, and foundation gifts and grants at the $100 level and above, every member and donor makes a difference. Whether through the donation of funds, time, goods, or services, it is due to the generosity of every one of you that the museum can collect, preserve, and exhibit the art and history of coastal Marin and present exhibitions and events that provide cultural enrichment and inspiration to our community and visitors alike.


Starrs and Will Arnot
Johanna and Tom Baruch
Katie Beacock
Linda and Michael Bettinger
Nate and Maria Bosshard
Sara Brody and Robert Gailey
Susie and Mark Buell
Marilyn Burns and Jeffrey Sellon
Cape Split Trust
Mary and Tony Conrad
Carla and David Crane
Lara and Christopher Deam
Natasha Dvorak and Peter Rive
Joe Gebbia
Chrysanthe Gussis and Jason Rosson
Jennifer and Josh Hatch
Pamela and David Hornik
Leslie and Hal Kruth
Adrienne and Jack Ladd
Jean Loo and Tom Dawson
Vera Louie and Bill Braasch
Cindy McCullagh
Joan and Robert McGrath
Nicholas Monsma and Steven Short
Anne and John Page
Judy and George Penner
Liz Robinson
Donna and Randolph Rush
Elizabeth and Bill Shea
Eileen and Chris Sheldon
Nancy and Herb Tully
Carlie Wilmans


Daphne and Robert Bransten
Candra Docherty
David Doyle
Sharon and Steve Edelman
Linda and Jerry Elkind
Olivia Erschen and Steve Starkey
Susan Frank
Katherine Gimla Carraher
Louisa and Drew Gloger
Kimberly Goosherst and Shervin Kheradpir
Carol and Dexter Hake
Cynthia Hiponia
Sandra and Charles Hobson
Susan and Richard Idell
Wendy Jaffe and Bruce Lowry
Janet Jennings and Jeff McPhail
Michael Kossman
Jordan Kurland
Bridget and Matt Lackie
Michael Light and John Lum
Deborah Manetta
Claire Molesworth and Nathan Siedman
Jill Moore
Mr. William and Mrs. Margaret Moorhouse
Doris Ober
Teresa Olle and John Comerford
Lauri Paul and Mark Hamilton
Lauren Pollak and Dieter Tremp
Tracy Power and Kenneth Seeger
Patsy and Charlie Raven
Joshua Robison and Michael Tilson Thomas
Viki Ruchkan and Alex Burke
Stuart Russell and Loy Sheflott
David Sheff
Jessica Silverman
Michelle and Alan Sullivan
Kirsten Walker
Amy and Warren Weber
Chelsea Ryoko Wong


Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
Jillian and Rick Clark
Joyce Clements, Lucy Reid, and Susan Robinson
Suzanne and Mark Colodny
Chrissie and Brooks Crawford
Ronnie and Larry Ehrlich
Christine and Curtis Gardner
Bianca and Graham Green
Alfred Harrison
Jane and David Hartley
Charlene Harvey
Elia Haworth
Nancy Hult Ganis and Sid Ganis
June and Alex Kleider
Marty Krasney
Jessica and Sam Lessin
Billie and Sandy Magid
Marine Chartering & CWL Logistics
Nancy McCarthy
Marla Miller and David Kremer
Andie Woodman Moody
Nicolette and Bill Niman
Renee and DJ O’Neil
Kitty Okamura
Alison Pincus
Jack and Betty Schafer
Judith Shaw
Janine Shiota and John Sierotko
Helen Sirica and Paolo and Danny Speirn
Chloe Sladden and Kevin McElroy
Ginger and Rik Smith
Jean and Kurt Stromberg
Deb and Jack Sylvan
Carry and John Thacher
Mary Tiscornia
Laura Tow
Kim Tully-Sutton
Wendy vanden Heuvel and Brad Coley
Ann Vuille
Laurellee and Suzanne Westaway
Polly and Ward Wolff
Elaine and Don Wood
Kimberly Wright-Violich
Renee and Claude Zellweger


Kelley Berg and Nancy Goler
Rose and Roy Borrone
Claudia Ceniceros and Eric McDougall
Yng-ru Chen
Jane and Al Cooper
Liz Corden and Ken Shannon
Terry Donohue
Kimberly Eber
Susan and George Fesus
Sarah Folsom and Paul Lesniak
Jeffrey Fraenkel and Frish Brandt
Ann and Donald Fragale
Teri and Dan Fruchtman
Maureen and Francis Greicius
James and Claudia Harrison
Kathie and Remick Hart
Wendy Hunt and David Horning
Harriet Kossman
Darcy A. Loughran
Marialidia Marcotulli
Mindy Marin
Aggie and Walter Murch
Walter Murch, Jr.
Pam and Howard Nurse
Lee and Stuart Pollak
Shalu and Hersh Saluja
Garrett Scales
Erin Scott
Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang
Beth and Rob Setrakian
Jane and Don Slack
Matthew Soldo
Kristen St. John and Steven Parkes
Janet Traub
Kay and David Werdegar
Joan and Parker Wood
Janet Yano and Tim Boudreau


Liz and Van Adams
Sally Cook Adams
Birgitte Hovmoller Alafi
Judy and Robert Aptekar
Bill Barton
Lynda Beigel
Kelley Berg and Nancy Goler
Donald Bird and David Young
Corey Block
Nick Bogle and Gail Reitano
Peter Boiger
Rose and Roy Borrone
Tracy Bosworth Bosche
Lynnette and Jerry Bourne
Pat and Jay Cahill
Terry and Ralph Camiccia
Craig Chapline
Suzanne Ciani
Nanci Clarence
Mary Anne and Jim Cowperthwaite
Hali Croner
Arianne Dar
Gilles Dechambure
Suzanne and Bruce Degen
Jill Denney
Frederick Dern
Gloria and Robert Donohue

Gayanne Enquist
Pamela Fabry and Ed Chiera
Sally K. Fairfax
Kathleen Foote and Tom Silk
Kathy Fork
Anna Mohn Gade
Sarah Galender Meyer
Juliet Gilbert Messimer Gede
Jonna Green
Trudy Greenlaw and Phil Binley
Maureen and Francis Greicius
Joe and Jan Grodin
Sandra and Rob Guidi
Harry and Susan Hartzell
Richard Edward Helmer
John Robert Hill
Sherry Hirsch and David Richman
Stephen Hudner
Sandy and Nick Javaras
M’Gee Johnston and Don Russo
Helen L.H. Kennedy
Nina Kjellson
Jeannie and Imants Krese
Bobbi Likover
Toni Littlejohn
Hunter and Blair Louis
Frank Mainzer and Lonnie Zwerin
Gene Marchi and Travis Smith
Marialidia Marcotulli
Monica Martin

Stephen Martin and Douglas Schmidt
Kathleen Martinek
Linda and Lee Meier
Cheryl and Albert Minvielle
Robin Mitchell
Lauren Modahl
Leila Monroe and Simon Dunne
Joanna Moore
Linda Mornell and Stockton Buck
Harriet Moss
Aggie and Walter Murch
Lissa and Wendel Nicolaus
Frank Noonan
Annie O’Connor
Joan Okasako and Douglas Schmucker
Susan Pace and Jeff Labovitz
Carol Pepper-Kittredge and Owen Kittredge
Jennifer Petrilla
Josefina and Malcolm Plaister
Eloise and Ted Pollock
Kari and Edward Pope
Wayne Poulsen
Caren and Jim Quay
Anne Rand
Hilary and Don Read
Linda Samuels
Garrett Scales
Barbara Scott
Suzannah and Peter Scully
Beth and Rob Setrakian

Jessica Shaefer
Michele Sileo
Jane and Don Slack
Kristen St. John and Steven Parkes
Lila Steinle
Jenepher Stowell
Lupe and John Sylvester
Nikola Tede and Joseph Ferraro
Judith Teichman
Brian Toolajian
Nancy and Thomas Tornga
Janet Traub
Shirley and Mike Traynor
Michael Valan and Molly Burke
Carmen Violich-Goodin
Kathleen and Ker Walker
Tanis Walters
Judith S Weil
Kay and David Werdegar
Matthew Werdegar and Monique Schaulis
Edward Westbrook
Cathy Willis and Peter Rowson
Hilary Winslow
Jack Wittenmeyer
Joan and Parker Wood
Curtis Woodman
Joan Wrench
Janet Yano and Tim Boudreau
Sonya Yu
Erin and Blaise Zerega


Gruber Family Foundation
Kelson Foundation
Koogle Foundation
O’Donnell Iselin Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
The Park L Loughlin Charitable Foundation West Marin Fund
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
Zephyr Fund


Bedrock Wine Company
Captain Oko
Carol Griffin
Chez Panisse
Heidrun Meadery
JB Blunk Estate
Jeff Clapp
Jeff Cohn Cellars

Jenny Sampson
Jordan Kurland
Keith Hansen
Megan McCaslin and Peter Forgie
Michelle and Alan Sullivan
Monk Estate
Parkside Cafe
Sally Robertson
Scribe Winery
Susan and Richard Idell
Tessuto Editions