Who We Are

Loyalty Circle

The Bolinas Museum gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all of our donors and members, at any level, and it is with great enthusiasm that we list those who have chosen to support the museum for the last five consecutive years or more through their membership dues or other contributions as of March 2020. This loyal group of donors makes a lasting impact on every aspect of the museum. We thank you for your continued support of the art, history, and culture of coastal Marin!

Tamae Agnoli
Arlene Allsman and Rick Hall
Lorraine Almeida and Allen Gregg
Vic Amoroso
Judy and Robert Aptekar
Starrs and Will Arnot
Bill Barton
Johanna and Tom Baruch
Brian Beard
Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
Paulette Bilgart and David Moritz
Donald Bird and David Young
Silvina and Eric Blasen
Maureen and Joe Blumenthal
Martha Borge Rose and Roy Borrone
Barbara Boucke
Lynnette and Jerry Bourne
Daphne and Robert Bransten
Sara Brody and Robert Gailey
Tish and Jim Brow
Linda H. Bucklin
Susie and Mark Buell
Sabrina Buell and Yves Behar
Molly Burke and Michael Valan

Marilyn Burns and Jeffrey Sellon
Tim Burns and Nathan Draper
Terry and Ralph Camiccia
Pam and Jim Campe
Joseph Cerny
Kathryn and Gerry Cirincione-Coles
Marna Clarke
Joyce Clements, Susan Robinson & Lucy Reid
Mary and Tony Conrad
Alice Corning
T.A. Cox
Carla and David Crane
Chrissie and Brooks Crawford
Bret Davenport and Barry Zorthian
Jill Denney
Marie Dern
Cristina di Grazia
Karen and Tom Dibblee
Renee Doe
Natasha Dvorak and Peter Rive
Dee Dee Dyer and Harrison Alter
Linda and Jerry Elkind
Olivia Erschen and Steve Starkey
Mary Eubank
Elizabeth Evans
Pamela Fabry and Ed Chiera
Virginia and Will Felch
Veronica Fields

Ann and Donald Fragale
Juliet Garfinkel
Dorothea Garone
Kimberly Goosherst and Shervin Kheradpir
Trudy Greenlaw and Phil Binley
Melinda Griffith and Aenor Sawyer
Scott Grimm
Chrysanthe Gussis and Jason Rosson
Carol and Dexter Hake
Victoria Hall
Kathie and Remick Hart
Jane and David Hartley
Harry and Susan Hartzell
Charlene Harvey
Harriet Heyman and Michael Moritz
Sha Sha Higby
Gretchen Hillenbrand and John Arlt
Jan Hobbel
Mary Daniel Hobson
Sandra and Charles Hobson
Deborah and Terry Houlihan
Nancy Hult Ganis and Sid Ganis
Wendy Hunt and David Horning
Susan and Richard Idell
Gary Ireland
Jeri Jacobson
Wendy Jaffe and Bruce Lowry
Joell Jones
Michael Katz
Katherine and James Kirkham
June and Alex Kleider
Harriet Kossman
Leslie and Hal Kruth
Adrienne and Jack Ladd
Michael Light and John Lum
Bobbi Likover
Vera Louie and Bill Braasch
Frank Mainzer and Lonnie Zwerin
Mindy Marin
Susan and Phil Marineau

Arline Mathieu and Lyndon Comstock
Claudia Ceniceros and Eric McDougall
Joan and Robert McGrath
Tauni and Lance Meade
David Mitchell
Robin Mitchell
Leila Monroe and Simon Dunne
Nicholas Monsma and Steven Short
Jill Moore
Judy and Rich Morrisey
Edward Nicolaus III

Pam and Howard Nurse
Mary Belle O’Brien
Dana O’Connor
Kitty Okamura
Anne and John Page
Woodward Payne and Beverly Anderson
Warren Perry
Richard Plant
Beth Irwin
Perry Eloise and Ted Pollock
Wayne Poulsen
Ivan Poutiatine
Patsy and Charlie Raven
Barbara Ravizza and John Osterweis
Sherry and David Richman
Jane and Bill Robbins
Brenda and Dexter Roberts
Sally Robertson
Liz Robinson
Joshua Robison and Michael Tilson Thomas
Donna and Randolph Rush
Ada Sadler
San Francisco Public Library
Judith Shaw
Elizabeth and Bill Shea
Jane and Don Slack
Ginger and Rik Smith
Barbara and Craig Smithson
Dieter Tremp
Nancy and Josiah Thompson
Shirley and Mike Traynor
Nancy and Herb Tully
Susy and Sergio Vergara
Elizabeth Vezzani

Francesca Vietor
Kirsten Walker and Ewan Mcdonald
Ann and Jeff Walsh
Tanis Walters
Lyn and Adam Werbach
Amy and Warren Weber
Kay and David Werdegar
Matthew Werdegar and Monique Schaulis
Laurellee and Suzanne Westaway
Hawk Weston
Clay and Helen Wiens
Hilary Winslow
Beth and Jim Wintersteen
Polly and Ward Wolff
Mardi Wood
Pamela Wright
Patricia Yenawine
Nancy Zacher
Renee and Claude Zellweger


Board of Directors

Advisory Council

Robert Bransten
Businessman & Art Collector
Mark Buell
Developer & Former Board Member
Marilyn Burns
Former Board Member & Mathematics Educator
Ralph Camiccia
Former Board Member & Former Bolinas Fire Chief
Roger Peacock
Former Board Member and Architect
Sally Robertson
Collection Committee Chair
Artist & Former Board Member
Liz Robinson
Collection Committee member
Former Board Member & Librarian
Linda Samuels
Former Executive Director & Arts Professional
Jeffrey Sellon
Aenor Sawyer
Former Board Member & Physician
Kirsten Walker
Former Board Member and Construction Management Expert