Courtyard Concert: Jeff Manson
Image: "In an Unguarded Moment," album cover. Photo by Paul Helzer.
Courtyard Concert

Courtyard Concert: Jeff Manson

Sat. July 13, 3:00 pm

Free and Open to All

Jeff Manson is a familiar face around West Marin. He is one of those guys who does a little bit of a lot of things around here. His decades-deep catalog of wry song poems has kept many a small room aglow with laughter and contemplation late into the night.

These songs aim to spin the cotidian into the mythic. They jingle and jangle, croaking and creaking along a knife’s edge of joy and sorrow. The best way to hear these songs is in person, as they are picked and sung by a wooly old crew of pals, by a fountain in a courtyard, among birds on a fine summer afternoon.