Hardly Strictly Mini: A Biennial Benefit Exhibition and Sale -

Main Gallery

Hardly Strictly Mini: A Biennial Benefit Exhibition and Sale

November 20 - December 31, 2021

Join us for this favorite biennial holiday exhibition and sale that presents artworks by over 80 accomplished coastal Marin and Bay Area artists! Paintings, sculpture, photography, and more – there is something to delight everyone. Once an invitational event, now in its Hardly Strictly Mini iteration, almost all artists are selected by an equitable lottery as well as a core group selected by recent Bolinas Museum curators and staff. Participating artists have the choice to contribute either three artworks no larger in any dimension than 6 x 6 inches or one artwork no larger than 18 x 18 inches. The result is exciting, high caliber, varied, and affordable! It is an opportunity for all to give themselves or loved ones the timeless gift of art. Purchases benefit both the artists and Bolinas Museum. 

This delightful exhibition draws people from far and wide! Everyone is invited to the opening holiday party to meet the artists. Or, become a museum member at the Friend level or above and enjoy an invitation to a special preview party.  Call us or visit bolinasmuseum.org to learn about membership.

ARTISTS: Chris Adessa, Lorraine Almeida, Lynn Bagley, Richard Blair, Laura Smith Blair, Joe Blumenthal, Rufus Blunk, Nick Bogle, Mesa Broek, Ingrid Butler, Charlie Callahan, Wayne Campbell, Tripp Carpenter, Kyle Churchman, Nicholas Coley, Carol Collier, Emmeline Craig, Laura Culver, Laura Engdahl (Deem), Karen Dibblee, Sandy Dierks, Charlie Docherty, Terry Donohue, Clare Elsaesser, Steve Emory, Allison Evans, Pam Fabry, Sally Fairfax, Tess Felix, Jon Francis, Shelley Gardner, Kristen Garneau, Julie Garner, Amy Glenn, John Gnorski, Wendy Goldberg, Matt Gonzalez, Kathleen Goodwin, Alice Gould, Kelly Guillermo, Jenny Lynn Hall, Susan Hall, Shasha Higby, Charles Hobson, Dana Hooper, James Kirkham, Kim Ford Kitz, Ruth Kneass, Judith Selby Lang, Kathryn Le Mieux, Judy Levit, Richard Lindenberg, John Lum, Arline Mathieu, Beth Moon, Julie Nunn, Birgit O’Connor, Michael O’Shea, Piro Patton, Woodward Payne, Carol Peek, Carlos Poratta, Kristen Reike, Sally Robertson, Kai Samuels-Davis, Wendy Schwartz, Rob Setrakian, Randy Sexton, Marnie Spencer, Rick Springer, Nancy Stein, Inez Storer, Joan Thornton, Dieter Tremp, Shelley Rugg, Peter Turner, Schehera Van Dyk, Van Waring, Vickisa, Travis Weller, Chris Whitefield, Patricia Yenawine, and Janis Yerington.