Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

38 2' 26" N, 122 47' 59" W: Coordinates of Place

An Artist Family Interprets the Land and Water of Point Reyes

October 1 - November 13, 2011

Curated by Dieter Tremp

Chris Reding, Randall Fleming and Jesse Reding Fleming

Family members Chris Reding, Randall Fleming and Jesse Reding Fleming are artists who describe themselves as “touched and influenced by the ephemeral Point Reyes landscape and its evolving composition in land, fog, light and water.”  The three artists recently published Light at the Edge a lovely book of their photographs, paintings and writing that shows the rich individuality of each one’s creative expression of shared experiences as  “a way to arrive at a point of connection, where the coordinates of place become the intersections of thought.”

This Bolinas Museum installation looks beyond the surface and celebrates the layers of the Point Reyes landscape through Chris Reding’s paintings, a new video by Jesse Reding Fleming, and Layers, a series of blending images by Randall Fleming.

Chris Reding is a painter and an emeritus Professor of Fine Arts.  Her paintings have been exhibitioned in galleries and museum throughout California. She describes herself as being obsessed by terrain and what creates a sense of place, finding a way to reveal unusual, visceral and abstract views of  landscape and its occurrences.

Jesse Reding Fleming is a Los Angeles based artist working in video and photography to explore our sense of ourselves and the resonant characteristics of place. Recent work includes show at the Company and Night Gallery in Los Angeles, a video installation at the Hammer Museum and, as Director of Photography, a just completed video for the Getty Museum.

Randall Fleming is a photographer and architect, and former co-director of an environmental research and outreach program at UC Davis.  His photographic compositions reveal a mixture of scientific and artistic perspectives.  His pictorial essays weave together geology, time, biology and personal intuition. Locally his work has exhibited at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The San Francisco Commission Gallery and Geography of Hope: Reflections exhibition in Point Reyes Station.