Blunk Brothers: Paintings and Sculptures by Bruno and Rufus Blunk -
Bruno Blunk, Untitled, c. 1995, acrylic and watercolor on paper, 25 x 19 inches, courtesy of the artist.

Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Blunk Brothers: Paintings and Sculptures by Bruno and Rufus Blunk

January 12 - March 17, 2019

Curated by Mariah Nielson

Bruno Blunk, Rufus Blunk

Inspired by the work of their father, renowned California artist J.B. Blunk, Inverness-based artists Bruno and Rufus Blunk developed their own unique art practices. Raised on the Inverness Ridge in the hand–built home constructed by their parents, the brothers were influenced by the resourceful lifestyle that merged art, nature, and life into one seamless creative environment. The studios, homes and philosophies of family, friends, and artists Gordon Onslow Ford, John Anderson and Jack Wright fostered the brothers’ interest in history and art making. Though deeply connected to the place where they were born, the brothers had their father’s wanderlust. Both traveled for decades, and the colors, textures and forms of India, Africa, South America, Turkey, Russia and Nepal are revealed in their work. The artists live and create on their own terms, and the vibrant paintings and wooden sculptures presented in this exhibition reflect their curiosity, playfulness, and independence.