Bolinas-Stinson School Student Exhibition: Seals, Snakes, Birds, and More … Oh, My!  - Creating with the Local Environment
Natasha García-Sanchez, Grade 8, Acrylic paint on paper (detail).

Main Gallery

Bolinas-Stinson School Student Exhibition: Seals, Snakes, Birds, and More … Oh, My!

Creating with the Local Environment

January 22 - January 30, 2022

The wonder of our local environment provides an endlessly engaging and authentic context for learning. This exhibition features the creative expressions of Bolinas-Stinson Schools students inspired by an interdisciplinary approach fostered by their teachers in collaboration with Point Reyes National Seashore Association. Together, the BSUSD art shop, homeroom teachers, and PRNSA representatives created a science matrix to explore phenomena occurring in our local environment. Guided by this information and related questions, outdoor exploration, and art materials, students were encouraged to express their ideas through science and art, and in doing so, deepen their understanding of how the health and well-being of the natural environment are interconnected with the health and well-being of their daily lives.

This year’s special student exhibition will once again astonish visitors with the quality of the art and scientific investigation! Don’t miss this special two-weekend event! (Masks and social distancing required!)

Bolinas Museum has been committed to hosting school class visits since its inception in 1983! In 2013 museum director Jennifer Gately partnered with Harriet Kossman, educator and co-founder of the school’s award-winning Art Shop program, to organize regular class visits to the museum. In January 2019, Bolinas Museum presented  BSUSD student art in a weekend exhibition, coordinated by art teacher Nuria Martinez and now retired science teacher, Don Jolly. Students interpreted the night sky in many mediums as an intersection of astronomy, geometry, mythology, and the arts. Presented in professional museum style, the artwork was outstanding! The featured astrolabes were created through the year-long study of the night sky by Jolly’s 8th-grade school students, and adult students who participated in a special class with Jolly that was presented through Bolinas Museum in conjunction with its 2018 exhibition Cosmic Wonders, curated by Jennifer Gately, that paired contemporary artists with historic artifacts from the Lick Observatory.