Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Capturing the Moment: Visual Journals

January 23 - March 27, 2016

Curated by Elia Haworth

Chuck Eckart, Carol Hake, Charles Hobson, Zea Morvitz, Wayne Poulsen, Dieter Tremp, Vickisa, Jim Wintersteen, and Ido Yoshimoto

Artists create visual sketchbooks and written journals for many reasons; to capture ideas, record experiences, develop projects, explore the unconscious, keep notes , or perhaps just to play. Some never leave their home without them, others use the practice only as the urge occurs. This selection of artist’s journals represents a cross-section of those purposes. The artists are of diverse backgrounds but share a deep sense of curiosity and thoughtful observation. The pages of these journals are glimpses into that very personal moment when the artist puts pen, pencil, or color to paper.