Carolyn Means: Timeless Ceramics -
CAROLYN MEANS, (clockwise back to front) Porcelain bowl with oak ash and Shino glaze, 2016, 14 1/2/ x 51/2 inches; Woodfired stoneware vase, 2015, 10 x 7 inches; Porcelain bowl with tortoiseshell glaze, 2015 10 x 4 inches.

Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Carolyn Means: Timeless Ceramics

November 20 - December 31, 2021

Curated by Elia Haworth

Carolyn Means creates functional ceramics of timeless beauty. For one of her glazes, she mixes in oak-wood ash and paints on layers that organically alter during firing, resulting in her signature style, which reflects the complexity of nature. After college in Massachusetts and working in New York, Means moved to the Bay Area, where she taught grade school. She took her first ceramic classes at Richmond Art Center, followed her passion, and became a full-time ceramicist. A Marin County resident, she has had her ceramic studio in Point Reyes Station for fifteen years.