Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Fire & Clay: Ten Coastal Marin Ceramicists

November 17 - December 30, 2012

Curated by Elia Haworth

Molly Prier, Patricia Yenawine, Mardi Wood, Carey Cherney, Kathy Bustamante, Marli De Swart, Carolyn Means, Schehera Van Dyk, Dale Roush, and Susan Roush

The exhibition will surprise and delight visitors with playful, unexpected, and elegant creations using diverse techniques. There is a timeless vessel hand-burnished and pit fired, rims of porcelain on a moon-white bowl, a book of ceramic pages and floating eggs, a playful vessel with a beak, a big bowl to hold water, an oak-ash glazed platter, a wild blue bowl of underwater life, a creature with arms reaching everywhere, black lines rising from an earthy tube, a stately and innovative vessel, and a bowl painted with Andean healing plants.

Molly Prier of Inverness, teaches internationally. Patricia Yenawine and Carey Cherney share a Bolinas studio, Kathy Bustamante teaches ceramics at the Bolinas-Stinson School,  Marli de Swart is owner of Black Mountain Weavers in Point Reyes Station, Shehera Van Dyk’s studio is in Bolinas, Carolyn Means studio is in Point Reyes Station and Dale and Susan Roush work from their pottery near Stinson Beach.