Ido Yoshimoto: In Memoriam -
IDO YOSHIMOTO, Untitled, 2021, redwood bowl, 11-inch diameter, courtesy of the artist.

Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Ido Yoshimoto: In Memoriam

April 9 - June 5, 2022

Curated by Elia Haworth

Wood sculptor and arborist Ido Yoshimoto expresses a deep reverence for the natural world through his art and unique furniture. He lives on Inverness Ridge where he grew up, surrounded by forest and a community of artists. His curiosity, interest in history and science, and arborist’s knowledge of soil, land, and tree growth inform his creativity. Yoshimoto says, “I am working with local wood which holds the memory of specific places and time, and I also hold memories of where many of these trees stood. Working to honor their lives, I feel as though my creations are like abstract epitaphs in a language constructed equally by myself and the wood.” This is an exhibition of new work.