Photography Gallery

Jack Gescheidt: TreeSpirit Project

October 3 - November 15, 2009

Curated by Rick Chapman

Mission of TreeSpirit Project:

To share my love of trees and nature in community gatherings to create TreeSpirit photographs, intending for both the experiences and the photographs to encourage and inspire others to feel and express their own unique connection to nature. To raise money for existing nonprofit environmental organizations that value and promote tree planting and protect green space within and outside our cities.

TreeSpirit Project founder and photographer Jack Gescheidt, says “…in the woods of Marin County, CA, I stumbled upon a massive, sinewy coast live oak tree. At least 250 years old, older than America, I was mesmerized by her massive limbs filling the sky in all directions. I was moved to tears by this giant living creature’s powerful presence. “

“And so began TreeSpirit Project. TreeSpirit has taken on a life of its own since that first photograph, attracting hundreds of participants and, thanks to media attention and the internet, tens of thousands of admirers around the world. Making these photographs, I am thrilled to learn firsthand there so many people alive today who understand the importance of trees—and who just plain love them. In and around trees, people feel they are a part of something bigger, as we humans do at the ocean or under the night sky. “