Photography Gallery

Jo Babcock: From Object to Image

March 29 - June 1, 2014

Curated by Jennifer Gately

San Francisco artist Jo Babcock has been creating pinhole cameras from whimsical found objects for the past four decades. Using only a needle, tin foil, black tape and some film, he can make a functional camera out of practically anything. He has made cameras out of coffee pots, maple syrup cans, suitcases, lunch pails, soup cans, file boxes; he even turned a VW van and an Airstream motorhome into giant cameras exposing images directly onto 40” x 60” sheets of color photographic paper spread out across the floor. This exhibition features a selection of his collection of over 1,000 cameras and their related photographs, many of which are self-portraits. Public holdings of Babcock’s work include SFMoMA and the Smithsonian Institute.