Photography Gallery

Ken Botto: House & Garden

by 7 Photographers

October 2 - November 14, 2010

Curated by Linda Samuels

Stephen Albair, Giovanni Agnoli, Ron Garrigues, Jean McMann, Laura Miller, Piro Patton and Thom Sempere

Seven contemporary photographers and two videographers document Ken Botto’s home and yard. Botto bought the  house on Laurel Road in Bolinas, California in 1972 and lived  there until his death in 2008. His surroundings became a repository for his vast collection of objects of every kind, from discarded car hubcaps to stone buddha statues. All of his photographs were made in his yard and most of the objects that he collected can be identified in his photographs. These photographers chronicle the ever-changing backyard and house milieu that came to define Ken Botto.

Two accompanying videos include interviews with Botto. Photographer Jack Fulton’s  film and interview illuminates Botto’s unique  surroundings, art, and collections. In 2007, Bryan Ranere conducted a  similar interview capturing another look into the reality that was Ken  Botto.