Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Like Diamonds, Plastic is Forever: Wearable Art by Judith Selby Lang

September 27 - January 4, 2015

Curated by Jennifer Gately

Judith Selby Lang

Since 1999, Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang have been collecting ocean-born plastic debris exclusively from 1,000 yards of Kehoe Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore and making art from the found materials to help educate people about the long-term effects of our consumer habits. In their studio, each piece of plastic is cleaned, and then sorted into color and kind, before becoming “inventory” for their collaborative photographs or Judith’s wearable art. With equal degrees of humor and joy, this exhibition features a selection of Judith’s unique designs that raise compelling questions related to value and scarcity and the effects of mass consumption. Necklaces and wraps appear to be made from precious gems and stones or high-fashion accessories straight from the pages of glossy magazines before they reveal themselves to be composed of mere everyday household plastic waste, worn and buffeted by the sea.