Photography Gallery

Michael Garlington Photography

November 21 - December 31, 2009

Curated by Piro Patton

Michael Garlington’s masterful photographs are at once disturbing and deeply compassionate. He lures the viewer into a shadowy world of mystery and startling juxtapositions that jerk you out of your mundane thinking and make you pay attention.  As a reviewer for Garlington’s exhibition at the Kimball-Jenkins Estate described it, “You form a strange emotional connection to the subjects in each image as you study them, being horrified and caring for them at the same time.”

Michael Garlington is an acclaimed Northern California photographer and master printer. He began shooting his own images while working at Spindler Photography, a high-end lab in San Francisco that caters to the finest photographers working today. His work has been purchased by Yale, Dartmouth and countless private collectors.  He and a friend are currently traveling through Argentina by motorcycle and photographing the people and situations they encounter.