Pacific Rise: Ocean Health -
CARA ROMERO, "Hermosa" (detail), 2021, Limited Edition Archival Fine Art Photograph. Printed by the artist on Legacy Platine paper, 51 x 40 inches, courtesy of the artist. © Cara Romero. Courtesy of the Artist. All Rights Reserved.

Main Gallery

Pacific Rise: Ocean Health

October 1 - December 31, 2022

Curated by Louisa Gloger and Elia Haworth

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Bryant Austin, Brown Cannon III, Sally K. Fairfax, Tess Felix, Elizabeth Fenwick, Keith Hansen, Steve N. G. Howell, Joe Hoyt, Josie Iselin, Jenny Jacox, Chris Jordan, Guillermo H. Kelly, Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang, Ellen Litwiller, Ethan Okamura, Deborah Oropallo & Andy Rappaport, Laura Plageman, Lina Prairie, Cara Romero, Camille Seaman, Andy Segal, Joseph Siedman, Janai Southworth, Nancy Stein, John Warzybok, Elizabeth Weber, Chelsea Ryoko Wong, and more.

Pacific Rise: Ocean Health expresses both urgency and hope by highlighting the work of visionary artists, scientists, citizens, and organizations. Through painting, photography, multi-media, sculpture, and academic research, the exhibition focuses on the wonder of the marine world, the current age of destructive human impact on the planet—the Anthropocene epoch—and ideas that can empower us as individuals to take responsibility for our daily choices, and be proactive voices for changing our collective human behavior.

Uniquely sited steps from the Pacific Ocean in the small town of Bolinas, the Bolinas Museum is deeply committed to supporting our ocean and its health. Presenting the theme of ocean health in our five galleries, we will share the work of outstanding visionary artists, biologists, and organizations who bring attention to the wonder of the marine world, the impact of this Anthropocene epoch, and the activism that empowers individuals to be part of the solution. Programming throughout the exhibition will include public educational events with marine biologists, panels with local and internationally recognized scientists, and links to organizations actively working to mitigate the human-caused degradation of the ocean’s health.

Biret Adden, Sarah Allen, Bruce Bowser, Sally K. Fairfax, Peter Gleckler, Keith Hansen, Burr Heneman, Steve Howell, Josie Iselin, Jenny Jacox, Mike Jacox, Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang, Joe Mueller, Hawk Rosales, Terry Sawyer, Jennifer Stock, Michael Stocker, and more.

Opening Reception
Saturday, October 1
2 PM Artist Talks with Laurie Mahan Sawyer and Keith Hansen
3 – 5 PM Reception
Free and Open to All