Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Past Coastal Marin Artists Gallery Exhibitions 1989-2008

January 2 - January 2, 2008

Past exhibition of the Living Artist Project and Coastal Marin Artists Gallery


Books: 164 published Bolinas and Stinson Beach authors
Adele Seltzer (Painting & sculpture)
Ben Nixon (Photography)
Bolinas Drawing Group (Drawings)
Judith Selby & Richard Lang (Plastic in the oceans)
John Kent (photos on canvas)
Arianne Dar (installation)
Lois Lancaster (Artist books and prints)
Pegan Brooke (Painting and video)
Rick Hall (Drawings)
Spinners & Dyers of West Marin (Textiles)


Ron Garrigues (Charcoal and pastel drawings)
Nick Bogle (Light sculptures)
Ilene Danse (Ceramic portraits)
Tom Kiechle (Assemblage)
Rob Setrakian (Abstract painting)
Handmade Books from the Collection of Marie Dern
Schehera Van Dyke (Painted ceramics)
Chuck Hudina (Mixed Media)
Pam Fabry  (Pastels)
Historical Coastal Artists from the Permanent Collection
Micheal O’Shea (Printmaking)
Leslie Creed (Quilts)


Rick Lyttle (Printmaking)
To Wear (group-art to wear)
Tripp Carpenter (Woodwork)
John Anderson (Painting)
Christopher Fields (Drawings)
Lucie Noel Thune (Installation)
Peter DeSwart (Mixed media sculpture)
James Wintersteen (Watercolors)
Kathleen Goodwin (Photos and paintings)
Tom Killion (Woodblock printmaking)
Inspired Ink: West Marin Printmakers (Group)
Dana Hooper (Paintings)

Kathy Bustamonte (Ceramic sculpture)
Allison Evans (Monoprints)
Jerold Turner (Paintings)
Marnie Spencer  (Paintings)
Carolyn Means (Ceramics)
Manuel Talkovsky (Stone sculpture)
Babette Sange (Collage paintings)
Michelle Logan (Metal Sculpture)
Tara Knutson (Wire sculpture)


Tom Soltez (Painting)
David Kimbell (Handcrafted Furniture)
Patsy Krebs (Painting)
Curtis Fields (Painting and printmaking)
Marlie DeSwart (Ceramic sculpture)
Sarah Hammond (Textiles)
Joe Blumenthal (Monoprints)
Toni Littlejohn (Mixed Media)
Suzanne Haddon (Drawings and collages)
Donna Ruch


Wendy Schwartz (Painting)
Rob Rich (Ceramic sculpture)
Dieter Tremp (Paintings)
Ted James (Printmaking)
Debbie Beckman (Paintings)
Nancy Genn (Printmaking)
Joyce Livingston (Mixed media)
IgorSazevich (Painting)
Bruce Lauritzen (Painting)
Virginia Linder (Mixed media)


Krystal Allen (Painting)
Dale Rousch (Pottery)
Bruce Mitchell (Wood sculpture)
Zea Morvitz (Mixed media)
Baulines Crafts Guild: The Beginning 1972-1976
Tame Agnoli (Painting)
Stephen Newstedt (Painting)
Phil Frank (Cartoons)
School Art Teachers: Harriet Kossman, Jenny Pfeiffer, David Van Leewan, Kathy Smith
Susan Hall (Paintings)
Molly Prier (Beach-fired ceramics)


Todd Klempan (Assemblage)
Jerry Cebe (Glassfurniture and objects)
Carl Dern (Metal sculpture)
Kit Artig (Paintings)
Ginny Felch (Photography)
Welton Rotz (Stone fountains in courtyard)
Lissa Nicolaus (Painting)
Jon Francis (Painting)
Nell Melcher (Watercolor painting)
Tim Graveson (Digital photography)
Jack Soman (Stone Sculpture)
Walt Stewart (Courtroom artist)
Sha Sha Higby (Installation)


Ron Garrigues (Bronze sculpture)
Living Artist Project Members
Ceramics (Group exhibition)
Mesa Broek (Paintings)
Damion Brown (Digital art & film)
Joyce Clements (Installation)
Birgit O’Connor (Watercolor)
Scrolls (Group show)
Dennis Dierks (Watercolor)
Carol Hake (Paintings)
Bob Demmerle (Mixed media/tvs)
Leah Schwartz (Collages)


Nichos (Group)
Molly Brown ( Scientific illustration)
Mesa Broek (Assemblage)
Shrines (Group)
Joyce Clements (Sculpture)
Karen Sexton (Paintings)
Michael Knowlton (Painting)
Mardi Wood (Ceramics)
Mary Jones (Mixed media)
Main gallery exhibition: Living Artist Project Group
Art Rodgers (Photography)
Charles Eckart (Painter)
Mardi Wood  (Ceramics)
Richard Sampson
Judy Molyneux (Painter)


Marie Dern (Letterset press)
Cynthia Wood (Ceramics)
Claudia Chapline (Painting)
Sasha Ione
Richard Blair (Photography)
Annual LAP exhibition in Main Gallery
Barbara Ravizza (Mixed Media)
Charlie Docherty (Paintings)
Ruby Lee (Paintings)
Maggie Thomas
Marj Burgstahler Stone
Waldemar Mitrowski (Painting)


Group show Masks
Sally Robertson (Watercolor)
RB Lyttle (Printmaking)
Group Exhbiition
Charles Hobson
Scott Finney (Ceramics)
Ken Botto  (Photographpy/ Dioramas)
Joan Thornton
Penolope Etnier (Paintings)
Bob Demmerle (Sculpture Installation)
Illana Rosenfeld (Photography)
Carol Duchamp (Paintings)


Patricia Yenowine (Ceramics)
Group: Shrines & Alters
Elia Haworth (Mixed Media)
Ed Sexton (Mixed Media)
Babette Sange (mixed Media)
Elsa Spalding
Robert Evans
Terry Guitar


Lorraine Alameida
Mary Belle Obrian
Jacqueline Mallegni
Group Exhibition
Tamae Agoli
Liz Penniman
Slyvia Luftig
Cynthia Rich
Stephen Ratcliff
Bob Demmerle
Rufus Blunk
Ilka Hartman
Tania Bedford
Karen Hamilton
Susan Englebry
Maud Zimmerman
Marty Knapp
Main Gallery / Group Exhibition
Nancy Passman Weiss
Bob Kubik
Christine De Camp
Curtis Fields
Carol Martin-Davis
Carl Dern
Mary Eubank
Kathleen Goodwin
Lynn O’Hare
Jerri Nicoles
Group Exhibition
JB Blunk
Dora Jane Cornwall
Carol Hake
Michael Healy
Barbara Myman
Jeri Nicols Quinn
Mark Reynolds
Gary Smith


Main Gallery Group Exhibition


 Main Gallery Group Exhibition


Main Gallery Group Exhibition


Main Gallery Group Exhibition