Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Rick Yoshimoto: Songs From The Wood

June 20 - August 16, 2015

Curated by Charles Delisle

Sculptor and ceramist Rick Yoshimoto has lived and worked in Inverness since 1977. After moving to California from his native Hawaii, Rick found the surroundings of West Marin ideal for exploring organic methods of craft, furniture, and art making inspired by local materials. His early experience as both teacher and studio potter built a foundation for his process of connecting the useful and the graphic with the spirit of the Northern California landscape. Quiet forms and volumes, plates of hand-foraged clays, stools carved out of ancient redwood stumps and burls, found stones shaped into tools, and rubbings on paper are all woven together with a personal graphic sensibility and spiritual language, invoking the dense, fern-speckled, foggy woods that inspired them.