SEAPEOPLE: The Bolinas Surf Shop, est. 1963 -
Bolinas Surf Shop and Seaflex photos and ephemera, courtesy Eric (Buzz) Besozzi.

Main Gallery

SEAPEOPLE: The Bolinas Surf Shop, est. 1963

June 18 - August 14, 2016

Curated by Walter Blair and Marialidia Marcotulli

Founded by Eric (Buzz) Besozzi in 1963, the Bolinas surf
shop is widely considered to be the first surf shop north of the Golden Gate Bridge. This exhibition celebrates the rich history of the shapers, surfers, skaters, and artists that thrived due to its presence, and provides a porthole view into the grit of the community’s multifaceted relationship with the sea. The exhibition spans two galleries within the museum—including the Photography gallery, which was once the original home of the original shop.