Bolinas & Stinson Beach - Sister Towns of Rancho Las Baulines
Detail of United States Geological Survey map, California Tamalpais Sheet, edition of May 1897, based on 1894-95 survey, with added outline of Rancho Las Baulines and modern town names.

History Room

Bolinas & Stinson Beach

Sister Towns of Rancho Las Baulines

January 25 - August 16, 2020

Curated by Elia Haworth

The towns of Bolinas and Stinson Beach are true sisters. Born of the 1830s Mexican land grant Rancho Las Baulines, they share generations of common history. This exhibit highlights stories and characters from the evolution of these two communities through historic photographs, maps, and text sourced from the Bolinas Museum and the Stinson Beach Historical Society archives.

Located in a splendid setting of abundance, the area grew economies based on agriculture and the activities of its residents and visitors, including many artists, writers, musicians, and naturalists inspired by the area’s beauty. The most important shared history is that of the 1960s and 1970s grassroots environmental activism that contributed to the protection of Marin County’s coastal land and ocean. Many of the dynamic settlers who established the towns also helped develop the early Bay Area, and today both towns include residents with international reputations.