Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Swept / Up: An installation by Wayne Campbell

June 7 - August 17, 2014

Curated by Jennifer Gately

Metal sculptor Wayne Campbell’s installation Swept/Up is inspired by his father’s experience as a World War II prisoner of war under the Japanese and evolved from a true story of human innovation in the face of unspeakable brutality. Using scraps of cans, wax, barbwire-whatever they could find or steal, and risking vicious reprisal if they were caught, Wayne’s father and fellow POWs made radio receivers, which they hid in brooms used to sweep their ragged barrack, to catch word from the outside world—a story Wayne Campbell powerfully interprets through steel brooms, bamboo, and his own text.

Wayne Campbell is highly regarded Bolinas artist, areal suspension expert, set designer, and master welder whose designs can be found gracing theaters and private and public spaces throughout the Bay Area. Campbell was invited to develop Swept/Up as part of Transmit/Receive, a Museum program of exhibitions and events celebrating the centennial of the Bolinas Marconi radio station and its historic role in the evolution of wireless communications.