Main Gallery

The Work of Sha Sha Higby

June 28 - August 17, 2008

Curated by Dieter Tremp

Sha Sha Higby is creativity unleashed! She makes elaborate, wildly imaginative costumes and is invited all over the world to do her haunting one-woman performances in these astonishing wearable sculptures.  Her work seems to move between some ancient royal treasure and a futuristic fantasy.
A long time Bolinas resident, Sha Sha is internationally known both as a performer and a teacher.  Her work calls upon her world travels and influences from years of studying techniques of copper work, classic Japanese lacquer, delicate Javanese leather cut work, elegant textiles and more. She has been the recipient of countless awards, scholarships, and national and international exhibitions.  The Bolinas Museum is pleased to have the opportunity to present her work to the community in which she lives.

“The air around us is like so many planes in space, assorted canvases of images. On the surface of our skin there are multiple little theaters and stages.  One inch away from our body is already the sky under which the drama of a tiny world unfolds.  With these costumes and sculptures I want to show how we are embraced by the elegant complexity of the atmosphere about us.  Emotions and thoughts cluster on the surface of our bodies and then break away, fly and float off.  Each bundle of emotion becomes yet another entity in itself, splitting into many facets again and gathering and returning again to their source.”

– Sha Sha Higby