Theater of Sky: Elia & Friends Collaborate

June 20 - August 2, 2009

Curated by Lucy Van Sands Seeburg

Invited to have an exhibition in this gallery, Elia Haworth chose to work in collaboration with creative friends. Either directly collaborating or working with re-presenting already existing art, it brought together poetry, calligraphy, sculpture, fiber, wood carving, photography, etchings, graphite drawing, painting, digital art, ceramics and more.  These talented friends are from Coastal Marin, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tahoe, Healdsburg and Japan.

Elia says “The exhibition title comes from feeling my heart uplifted as my eyes feed on the ever-changing presentation of moisture, color, forms and drama… a free performance day and night in the Theater of Sky. Our atmosphere, our shield and the inhalations and exhalations from millenniums, the sky belongs to all life forms and we to it.

I have watched the sky from Bhutan to Bolinas and when you savor the sky you experience birds; their voices, their flight, their presence. Also I am fascinated that there are people all over the world who work the land or sea and look up to read the sky as a book of patterns that forecast coming weather. So, asking you to imaginatively stretch these three themes of sky and flight and books, they are the threads that I have strung through this installation in visual poems. Human creative spirit is like the sky in its boundless ability to surprise us with something new.  But remember when you step outside the door, the real Theater of Sky awaits you.”