Bolinas Museum's 40th Birthday Celebration
Photo courtesy of Noelle Hiam.
Courtyard Event

Bolinas Museum's 40th Birthday Celebration

Sat. May 6, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm This event has passed

Celebrate With Us!
Free and Open to All

Please join us for this happy event celebrating the 40-year evolution of Bolinas Museum, from its inception in 1983 as a history museum to the addition of fine art and the vibrant exhibitions and events of today. Enjoy birthday cupcakes, delicious Straus ice cream, memories, and plans, and revel in the hard work and dedication of visionary directors, board members, staff members, artists, and the vast community of volunteers and visitors as we all share in the achievements and continual rich cultural offerings of this museum. It is free, and everyone’s invited!