Coastal Marin Artists Gallery

Frank Gyorgy: Steel Sculpture

March 7 - April 26, 2009

Curated by Lucy Van Sands Seeburg

Frank Gyorgy is an emerging artist with a strong sense of design. More then thirty years ago he saw the work of David Smith in the Guggenheim Museum in New York and carried that artistic inspiration with him until 1993 when he finally had time to explore sculpture making. Gyorgy had painted and worked with various mediums over the years, but cutting and welding and fabricating steel is the most exciting challenge. He sees his current work as first pieces for the large-scale sculpture that he would like to do.

Gyorgy says “ My grandfather must be smoldering within in me.” His grandfather, also named Frank Gyorgy, was in charge of gold-leaf work and furniture restoration when he worked with Julia Morgan on the construction of Hearst Castle at San Simeon. Gyorgy says his daughters have also inherited the creative urge.

Gyorgy intends his work to primarily be outdoor sculpture, allowing natural rusting of the steel to add color and texture. But his work is equally handsome in interior settings. Recently he has added vivid color and shining surfaces to some of his sculptures by apply automotive finishes with powder coatings. The sharp v form in several pieces is inspired by being around boats as he sails on San Francisco Bay. He says,“ I love the look of the front view v shape of the hull of a boat and that appears in several of my sculptures.” Most of his firm, clean lines and strong angles hold, or are pierced by circular forms. Gyorgy recently had a major setback when his welding shop was burglarized, andall his equipment was stolen. But says his ideas and designs are percolating for creating new sculptures.

Frank Gyorgy lives in Inverness Park with his wife Jane.