Jack Fulton: Heterogeneous Medley of Recent History -
Jack Fulton, "Homage to Ancient Zuni Astronomers," 1979, special process c-print, 14 x 11 inches, courtesy of the artist.

Photography Gallery

Jack Fulton: Heterogeneous Medley of Recent History

September 21 - November 17, 2019

Curated by Jennifer O'Keeffe

We are rarely in a place without our thoughts, continually commenting, riffing, reflecting, sizing up. These meditations are central to Marin-based photographer Jack Fulton’s work, and upend our expectations around how photographs should behave. An early experimenter with historical and alternative processes (and inventor of some of his own), Fulton paved the way for a generation of students looking to bend and shape the medium to their own ends. Mixing with important fixtures of the 1960s Bay Area counter-culture, Fulton embraced collaboration and improvisation, developing distinct personal poetics that continue to generate to this day.