Main Gallery

Richard Shaw

Ceramaic Sculpture / Tromp l'oeil

April 11 - April 11, 2007

Curated by Dieter Tremp

Richard Shaw is an nationally acclaimed ceramist of unique wit and wildly creative style. His tromp l’oeil porcelains fool the eye and play with the senses, make comment on our culture and show his dazzling mastery of his craft. An inexperienced observer might see a Shaw sculpture and assume it is made of mixed media using real objects… only to be startled and amused that all of the pieces are skillfully crafted out of porcelain, glazes and paint.

Shaw’s work is in collections such as the Smithsonian Institution, Whitney Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He teaches at University of California.

Richard Shaw teaches ceramic at UC Berkeley.  He and his wife Martha live in Fairfax and have many connections to Coastal Marin.  And along with a constellation  of old friends, they share immense musical talent and enthusiasm for life in a constant flow of creativity.